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Debt Recovery Guidance fees

We can assist in recovering of debts. The exact cost of our fees will depend on the size of the debt and the complexity of the matter. We have a well experienced debt recovery department that is headed by a qualified Solicitor. The rates charged are:

  • Victor Adeniyi – Solicitor over 12 yrs PQE
    £260p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Adris Tohki Solicitor
    £200p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Tunji Ajike – Consultant
    £175 p/h plus VAT @20%

We can help you secure the repayment of a debt owed to you.

All the work in this department is supervised by Mr Victor Adeniyi. We will always tell you who will be dealing with your matter

Average costs of service

Our fees for debt recovery are as follow:

Debt value Recoverable Court issue fee
Non-Complex matter fee range from £1000.00 to £3000.00 plus VAT at the rate of 20% [£1200.00 to £3600.00]
Medium Complex matter fee range from £3000.00 to £8000.00 plus VAT at the rate of 20% [£3600.00 to £9600.00].
High Complex matter fee range from £8000.00 to £20,000.00 plus VAT at the rate of 20% [£9600.00 to £24000.00]

Below are the stages in any debt recovery matter:

  • We begin by taking your instructions.
  • Sending out a pre-action letter.
  • If the payment is settled following the pre-action letter, we will send same to you, if not we will draft/issue a claim form.
  • Where no acknowledgment of service or defence is received, applying to the court to enter judgment in default.
  • When judgment in default is received, writing to the debtor to require payment.
  • If payment is not received promptly, then providing advice on next steps and likely costs.
  • If we instruct Barristers on your behalf , you will have to pay the Barristers fees plus VAT. We do not know how much the Barristers will charge, but we will get an estimate from the Barrister and advise you accordingly. Barristers’ fees are third party fees which you have to pay us, and we will also make payment to the Barristers on your behalf.
Court Fees:

Court fees varies depending on the debt. The fees range £35 (for unpaid debts not exceeding £300) to £5,000 (where the unpaid debt is £100,000). All disbursements have to be paid in addition to our fess.

Counsels Fees-

Counsel’s fees range from between £1500.00 to £10000.00 plus VAT @the rate of 20%. [£1800.00 to £12000.00] Counsels fees depend on the seniority of the Counsel and complexity of the case. These could be charged for a day’s hearing.

Rates and Vats

Where VAT is applicable it will be charged at the rate of 20%. Most disbursements in debt matter attract VAT.


Also, you are advised that certain cases take a long time before the matter is settled. It is difficult to give a time estimate for this kind of matter. However, matters can take 2 to 4 weeks if it is settled immediately, but sometimes matters can take 1 or 2 years if the matter is contested. Also, we cannot guarantee that we will be successful in our recovery process.

The above fees are meant to be a guide only, please call us to discuss your matter.

Conveyancing Guidance Fees

If you are looking into buying or selling property we can always assist.

The Head of The Conveyancing Department is Mr Victor Adeniyi. He is well experienced in property matter. He has completed a lot of property transactions. He has well over 15 years’ experience. There are other Solicitors and consultants working under his supervision. We will give you proper and adequate legal advice with respect to your property transactions.

Our fees are below, and it all depends how complex the property transaction is. Also please note that you can always call us to discuss the fees below, and to discuss how complex the matter.

Sale and Purchase cost plus VAT [ our fees]

Price Freehold (plus VAT & Disbursements)

  • Under £500,000
    £1200.00 [plus VAT @ 20% = 1440.00]
  • £501,000 to £600,000
    £1300.00 [plus VAT @ 20% =1560.00]
  • £601,000 to £700,000
    £1400.00[plus VAT @ 20%=1680.00]
  • £701,000 to £800,000
    £1500.00 [plus VAT @ 20% = 1800.00]
  • £801,000 to £900,000,
    £1800.00[plus VAT @ 20%= 2160.00]
  • £901,000 to 1000000
    £2400.00 [plus VAT @ 20%=2880.00]
  • £1,001,000 and above
    Please call us for an estimate.
  • Under £500,000
    £1500.00 [plus VAT @ 20% = £1800.00]
  • £501 to £600,000
    £1600.00[plus VAT @ 20%= £1920.00]
  • £601 to £700,000
    £1700.00[plus VAT @ 20% = £2040.00]
  • £701 to £800,000
    £1800.00[plus VAT @ 20% =£2160.00]
  • £801 to 900,000
    £1900.00[plus VAT @ 20% = 2280.00]
  • £901,000 to £1000000
    £2000.00[plus VAT @ 20%= £2400.00]
  • Over £1,000,000.00
    Please call us for an estimate
  • Re-Mortgage
    £500.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Our Fees - £500.00 plus VAT @20% = £600.00

Sale Disbursements

Monies on Account £300.00

Disbursements Rate:
  • Identity Check (per person) £10.00 [No VAT]
  • Redemption Fee £90.00 + VAT
  • Office Copy Entries (per copy) £3.00 [ No VAT]
  • Bank Transfer Fee (per transfer) £12.00

Management Pack/LPE1- We will be advised of this cost by the Managing Agent/Freeholder. Once we have been informed of the charges, we will advise you.

Purchase Disbursements

Monies on Account £300.00

Disbursements Rate:

    Identity Check (per person) £10.00 [No Vat]

    Bank Transfer Fee (per transfer) £12.00 [No Vat]

    Stamp Duty If stamp duty is applicable, you can find more information and a calculator at

    Completion of Stamp Duty Form £100.00 + VAT @20% = 120

    Land Registry Fee This is dependent on the value of the property. For more information, please visit

    Land Registry Searches £3.00 – OS1/2

    £2.00 – Bankruptcy Search (per name)

    Searches £180.00 (approximately)

    Please note that there might be other disbursements not mentioned here which you might incur, we will advise you accordingly as we progress your matter.

    Acting for Lender (if applicable ) £200.00 + VAT @20 = £240.00 (approximately)

    If there are additional costs/disbursements in the sale or purchase of any property, we will advise you accordingly.


Conveyancing transactions take between 2 to 3 months depending on the nature of the transaction. Also please note that other factors may cause a delay in the transaction i.e., additional search enquiries, defective title etc.

Please note that you are advised to call us, as the above are just guide only.

Kindly find below keys stages of a sale transaction:

  • Obtaining your initial instructions and providing advice.
  • Reviewing the legal title of the property.
  • Negotiating/drafting/advising on contractual documents and in particular any special conditions.
  • Making/responding to any enquiries about the property.
  • Addressing issues of joint ownership (if applicable).
  • Arranging for exchange of contracts and notifying you when exchange has taken place.
  • Arranging completion and notifying you when completion has taken place.
  • Receiving/sending/distributing completion monies.
  • Dealing with the assignment of the lease (unregistered leasehold properties only).

The key stages of a purchase transaction:

  • Conducting conveyancing searches in relation to the property.
  • Checking that finances are in place to fund the purchase and corresponding with the lender and or their solicitors (if applicable).
  • Reporting on the legal title and issuing a certificate of title in the customary form.
  • Serving a Notice of Transfer on the landlord or its managing agents (leasehold only).
  • Advising on ‘short’ leases (if applicable).
  • Explaining the conditions of mortgage offer to you (if applicable).
  • Completing the SDLT Return on your behalf and submitting it to HMRC if instructed to do so and remitting your funds to HMRC in payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax due (subject to taxation thresholds, only certain transactions attract SDLT).
  • Applying to register your purchase and any mortgage at Land Registry and responding to any requisitions (where applicable).
  • Advising on the need for legal indemnity insurance (where applicable).
  • Overcoming any Land Registry Restrictions to registration of your purchase (where applicable).

Employment Law Guidance Fees

We offer a bespoke service when it comes to Employment law. We can assist you in filing various claims against an employer for a breach of employment law. We can also defend claims against employers.

We have a team of lawyers that can offer good advice and service when it comes to employment law. Our Fees are charged at hourly rate. Initially we charge a consultation fee of £120 pounds plus VAT @20% to discuss your matter. This is just an initial consultation fee.

Our Fee Earners charge hourly rate plus VAT.

  • Mr Victor Adeniyi - over 12 yrs PQE
    £260.00 p/h plus VAT @20%, plus disbursements
  • Solicitors under 6 years PQE
    £200.00 p/h plus VAT @20%, plus disbursements
  • Consultants
    £125.00 p/h-plus VAT @20%, plus disbursements

Rates are charged according to the Seniority of the individual handling the case.

We also charge a fixed fee in certain cases. Please call us to discuss this.

Costs of service[fees]

The exact costs of a case depend on the complexity of the matter, and the amount of work involved.

Non-Complex Employment Matter- fee ranges between £5000.00 to £10000.00 excluding VAT. The VAT rate is 20% of the total fees due

Medium Complex matter fee ranges from £10,000.00 to £15,000.00 excluding VAT @20%.

High Complex Matter – fee ranges from £15,000.00 to £20,000.00 excluding VAT @20%

Our Senior Solicitors charge between £200.00 to £267 per hour, while the paralegal, legal assistant and Junior Solicitors charge between £70.00 per hour to £150.00 per hour.

Disbursements and Vat
Counsels’ fees

It is difficult to estimate the fees of the Counsel, it is not unusual for a junior Counsel to charge between £1000.00 to £1500.00 per day. While a Senior Counsel will charge £3500.00 to £5000.00 per day. Please note that the disbursements will include VAT at the rate of 20%.

Expert Fees:

Expert fees can also range from between £1200.00 plus VAT to £5000.00 plus VAT at the rate of 20%. The costs depend on the complexity of the case , and the work needed to be done.

There are also court fees to be paid as part of disbursements. Court fees do not incur VAT .

Please note that all disbursements will be charged and paid separately apart from our professional fees. These payments are paid to Barristers/Experts and Courts on your behalf.

Below are the types of routine services we provide in employment matter:

  • Obtaining your initial instructions, reviewing the papers and advising you on the next step.
  • Preliminary advice to you on the likely value of the claim and any likely award (this is likely to be revisited throughout the matter and is subject to change).
  • Assisting you to conduct pre-claim conciliation to explore whether a settlement can be reached.
  • Preparing the claim or the response to the claim.
  • Reviewing and advising on the claim or the response from the other party.
  • Preparing or considering a schedule of loss.
  • Preparing for and attending a Preliminary Hearing.
  • Agreeing a bundle of documents and exchanging it with the other party.
  • Taking witness statements, drafting statements and agreeing their content with witnesses.
  • Preparing bundles of documents for the tribunal and your advocate.
  • Reviewing and advising on the other party’s witness statements.
  • Agreeing a list of issues, a chronology and/or cast list.
  • Preparation for and attendance at the final hearing.
  • Advising you and, where required, conducting or arranging representation at any preliminary hearings that may arise during an Employment Tribunal claim.

We cannot give you an estimate of how long a case will take. All these depend on various factors i.e., listing of the case by the tribunal, and other matters outside our control. If a matter is settled during pre-claim, then your matter is likely to take between 6 weeks to 12 weeks. If your matter goes to full hearing, it is not unusual for cases to go beyond one year and up to 2 years. Please note that this is just an estimate . Sometimes there are situation outside our control which delay cases. Also note that we cannot give a guarantee on the outcome of your case.

These fees are meant as a guide, please call us to discuss your matter and fees.

Immigration Guidance Fees

Our fees below will depend on the complexity of your matter. These fees are just for your guidance only. Also please note that in Immigration matters we also must pay experts fees, interpreters fees and sometimes Barristers fees.

We have good immigration Law Department. They offer a very good and professional service.

The hourly rate of our Fee Earners in the Immigration Law Department varies, and it depends on the seniority of the fee Earner handling your matter.

  • Senior Solicitors
    £260 p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Consultants
    £120 p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Mr Doyin Adeyemo – Solicitor over 15 years PQE
    [Head of Immigration]
    £267p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Mr Mathew Adewole - Solicitor
    £200 p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Our Initial Consultation fee
    £120.00 plus VAT @20%

Our fixed fees for the following immigration applications are as follow:

    Average Cost – Fixed fees
  • Naturalisation or Registration Applications
    £1500 plus VAT @ 20% = £1800
  • EEA Applications
    £1250 plus VAT @20% = £1500
  • Judicial Review Applications
    £2500plus VAT @20% = £3000
  • Immigration Bail Application
    £1000 plus VAT @ 20% = £1200
  • Immigration Appeal Matter
    £2500 plus VAT @ 20% = £3000
  • Points Based Student Applications
    £2500 plus VAT @ 20% = £3000
  • Business Applications [Points Based]
    £3000 plus VAT @ 20%£ = £3600
  • Vist Visas
    £1000 plus VAT @20% = £1200
  • Family Re-Union Applications
    £2500 plus VAT @20% = £3000
  • Spouse and Partner Applications
    £2500 plus VAT @20”0% = £3000
  • Other Applications outside the above
    from £1000 – £5000 plus VAT @20%
Disbursements and Vat

In addition to our professional fees, you are likely to incur disbursements which you will have to pay separately. Disbursements may include, Home Office fees, Expert Report Fees, court fees etc.

Range of fees for disbursements are as follow:

Application fees range from £1000.00 to £2500.00 or in excess of this amount. The amount of disbursements depend on the type of application and number of applicants. No Vat are chargeable on Home Office application fees

Court Fees:

Court Hearing fees range from £140.00 to £1200.00 depending on the type of hearing.

Expert fees:

Expert fees can range from £600.00 to £4000.00 or in excess. Some expert fees in immigration matters do not incur VAT due to the resident status of the applicant.

Barristers fees can range from £500.00 to £3000.00 . The amount of fees depends on the experience of the Barristers and the complexity of the matter. Some of the Immigration Disbursements will not incur VAT because of the resident status of the applicant/appellant.

The above fees are meant to be a guide only.


We cannot give a timescale for completion matter. This depends on so many factors i.e., Home Office, courts and any other matter outside our control. However, most immigration matters can take between 6 months to 12 months or more to resolve.

Also, you are advised to call us to discuss your matter on the above costs.

Probate Guidance Fees

We can help you obtain a ‘grant of probate’ or grant of letters of administration’ following the death of someone. This will give you legal right to deal with their assets/estates.

Our Probate departments is under the Supervision of a Solicitor who has over 12 years PQE.

  • Mr Victor Adeniyi - Solicitor [Head of PriVATe Client]
    £260.00 p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Mr Adris Tohki - Solicitor
    £200.00 p/h plus VAT @20%
Our charges:
The average costs of our fees for probate are as follow:

Low Complex matter – fees range from £3000 - £10000- These are exclusive of VAT at the rate of 20%

Medium Complex Matter – fees range from £10000 - £20000 exclusive of VAT @20%

High Complex Matter – fees range from £20,000 - £30000 exclusive of VAT @ 20%

The above figures are meant to serve as a guide only. You should call us to discuss your matter.

Disbursements Rates and Vat

Please note that the above fees are exclusive of all disbursements. Most disbursements are exclusive of VAT. The VAT rate is 20%. We do not add VAT to disbursements, this would have already been added by a third party. The type of disbursements you will likely incur are as follow:

Tracing fees – range £200 to £500 plus VAT @ 20%

Advertisement in the Newspaper fees ranges from £50.00 - £600 plus VAT @ 20% – depending on the paper

Probate Registration Application fees -£215.00 [No Vat]

HMLR office copy entries £3.00 [No Vat]

Inheritance Tax Fees

Please note that there are other disbursements to be incurred which are not listed here.

Below is the likely process to obtaining grant of probate:

  • Review of the will (or of the application of the intestacy rules where there is no valid will) to identify those who are entitled to be executor or administrator and to identify any potential issues that may prevent or delay the grant of probate.
  • Verifying the nature and probate value of the relevant assets and liabilities required to make the application.
  • Computation of the inheritance tax due, including quantifying the first instalment of such tax.
  • Completing the relevant inheritance tax forms and submitting them to you for signature.
  • Submitting the signed inheritance tax forms to HMRC.
  • Preparing and submitting the application to the Probate Registry for the grant.
  • Applying to the Probate Registry on your behalf.
  • Realising assets where necessary and instructed to do so, including instructing any relevant third parties.
  • Advice on tracing any beneficiary named in the will.
  • Settling liabilities and administration expenses.
  • Advising on and settling inheritance tax liability in the administration period.
  • Preparing and obtaining the approval of the estate accounts.
  • Distributing the assets (or their proceeds) in accordance with the terms of the will.

This usually depends on the complexity of the matter. The matter can take between 3 to 12 months , and it may take longer in some cases.

Family Law Price Guideline

Service Our Fee VAT Court Fees Total
Consultation fee[ up to 1 hour advice] £120.00 £20.00 Nil £140.00
Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership
(petitioner – uncontested)
£1500.00 £300.00 £550.00 £2350.00
Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership
(respondent – uncontested)
£1500.00 £300.00 0 £1800.00
Parental Responsibility Agreement £600.00 £120.00 Nil £720.00
Shared Parenting Agreement £600.00 £120.00 Nil £720.00
Financial Settlements

We charge hourly rate for financial settlements.

  • Partners:
    £267 p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Solicitors / Consultants
    £200 p/h plus VAT @20%
  • Court representation: Fees to be agreed.